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Luke Thomson (°1992) is an artist who primarily works with contemporary strategies. Through focusing on techniques and components, Thomson considers making artwork a craft which is carried out using clear formal guidelines and which should always make reference to social reality.
His conceptual artworks are notable for his or her perfect finish and responsive nature. This is of excellent importance and bears see to great craftsmanship. Simply by studying sign processes, importance and communication, he formalizes the coincidental and stresses the conscious process of structure that is behind the apparently random works. The thought procedures, which are supposedly private, extremely subjective and unfiltered within their references to dream sides, are frequently revealed as montage.
His works feature coincidental, accidental and unexpected cable connections which make it possible in order to revise art history and, better still, to complement it. Combining not related aspects lead to surprising analogie. By experimenting with aleatoric functions, he makes work which generates diverse meanings. Organizations and meanings collide. Area becomes time and language gets image.
His works issue the conditions of appearance of the image in the context of recent visual culture in which pictures, representations and ideas usually function.

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